Friday, November 21, 2014

We Moved!

Hi everyone out there. Big things happened in 2014!  After looking into our options we decided to move to Montreal, QC. Yes people, we left NYC and now we are in Canada!  I know the cultural change is not that drastic, but for my small business the relocation is requiring some serious work.  That being said, Vivikas Shop is now shipping from Montreal.  Very little change for buyers other than some adjustments on shipping costs.

Montreal has been a calm place to be.  We have been here for almost three months now.  I miss NYC and it's stimulating colors and noises.  I also miss family and friends, but I do enjoy what Montreal has to offer. Here we have a bigger place because rent is affordable, and there are great coffee shops near us. YAY! What would I be without good coffee!?

Our home is near Parc de Mont Royal, where I go for walks with our Godzilla (the dog not the monster) every day. I don't know for how long we will be staying here.  All I know it's that I am happy to have my little family with me, and wherever we go I know we will have our happy pants on!

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