Thursday, March 26, 2015

Home Sweet Home

My favorite thing to do at home is to create.  Since our move, I've been working on redecorating our home and while it's been fun, It's always a challenge to find the perfect place for furniture we have bought for our place in NY.  I also find most of the items I really like here are either too expensive, not available or the shipping is too costly.  I guess that's the problem when you live outside the US, where you can find great design for affordable prices.

In the other hand, that pushes me to be creative with what I already have.  So far I played around creating floor pillows, wall art, and even Kevin join in refurbishing a little bench he found outside, it was just what we needed in our entrance.

I am not sure what will be our next project. I recently have been thinking about floor stencils, the look is so fun and fresh. I also like the idea of creating my own design for the stencil.  Here are some of my favorites:

One of these might work for your home. Fun, right?
If I decide on what works for our home, I will make sure to post some pictures here.

Friday, February 20, 2015

What's Up New Year

Hey Blog. It's been a while!

There has been quite a lot of change from last year to this year.  Lately I have been hiding away in my apartment, drawing, updating and creating a whole new bunch of plushies.  I must say Montreal's winter is no Joke, and the (really) cold snowy winter has a lot to do with my new creative burst recently.  New designs have been added every week. I want to share some of them here.

There are two themes I am really excited about it.  The long grey winter days had me dreaming of summer and colors.  The result of that are The Carnies Plushies Collection.  They are characters that work at the Carnival, they have different personalities but they are all a little funky and colorful.

So, here you go. For now you can meet Edmond and Lysa!

If you get to know me, you will soon find out one thing: I am silly. Two Christmas ago I got for Kevin and I these funny adult onesies. They are so comfy and ridiculous, you have to have fun when wearing them.

When started getting cold here in Montreal, I started seeing college kids wearing those onesies everywhere. Since my creations are part of who I am, The Onesie babies Collection was born.

They are all available at Vivikas Shop. More exciting news coming soon!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DIY - Worry Dolls Wall Art

It's always special when a friend thinks of you while away.  After coming back from one of her trips, my friend Maria got me a bunch of Worry Dolls as a little gift.  I loved the little dolls, they were all handmade and cute.  Plus the legend behind it is so sweet, and also a little creepy, which makes me like them even more.

So... I created a simple wall art with the Worry Dolls.  It's hanging on the entrance of our bedroom door.  Maybe from there they can still take our worries away while we are asleep.

All you need for this DIY is some Worry Dolls, a hot glue gun, a canvas frame. If you want to add a personal touch you can use a paint marker.

First I arranged the dolls in the middle of the canvas frame.  Once I had them in the position I wanted, I used hot glue to atatch them in place.  Then I used the paint marker to write, "I will take your sorrows I will take your worries" again, and again, and again on the top and bottom parts of the frame.

Anyone can do this. You can even team up with the kiddos for this one. It would be pretty fun!

Friday, November 21, 2014

We Moved!

Hi everyone out there. Big things happened in 2014!  After looking into our options we decided to move to Montreal, QC. Yes people, we left NYC and now we are in Canada!  I know the cultural change is not that drastic, but for my small business the relocation is requiring some serious work.  That being said, Vivikas Shop is now shipping from Montreal.  Very little change for buyers other than some adjustments on shipping costs.

Montreal has been a calm place to be.  We have been here for almost three months now.  I miss NYC and it's stimulating colors and noises.  I also miss family and friends, but I do enjoy what Montreal has to offer. Here we have a bigger place because rent is affordable, and there are great coffee shops near us. YAY! What would I be without good coffee!?

Our home is near Parc de Mont Royal, where I go for walks with our Godzilla (the dog not the monster) every day. I don't know for how long we will be staying here.  All I know it's that I am happy to have my little family with me, and wherever we go I know we will have our happy pants on!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Season + New Plushies

I've been working and working. Fall it's here and I always get inspired at this time of the year.
I've been creating lots of monsters these last couple of weeks, I love drawing and sewing monsters, my drawing skills are not as god as my sewing skills, but oh well.

Here are some of the new plushies that recently arrived at the shop
Kix is a New Yorker Monster.  He is loud and fun, and of course loves Halloween

Argus has a big smile and a tiny belly button.  He loves petting dogs, but just the small ones.

The Half Plushies are not new, but I am now offering customization of colors. They are just perfect for Halloween.

The Freaking Out Babies are new too. They are a mini version of the Freaking Out Plushie and they can also be made in whatever colors you feel like it.

I hope you guys are enjoying the new arrivals. I sure have fun making them, and soon there will be more and more.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Busy Days

I can't believe it's already July. It's been too long and I woke up ready to update the blog and edit some pictures for my shop.

I missed some plush bombing action and I have tons of ideas and news I could be writing about, but the truth is I had a blast all this time I was away. And here it is why:

We got a puppy! His name is Godzilla and he is a little dog with a big personality. So a lot of my time was spent giving him lots of love, training and exercise. We found a good vet and trainer, we also got him use to riding on the subway, a big one for us since we will bring him everywhere we go. Now he is almost five months and becoming more independent, so it's time to get back to work full force, new updates for the blog coming soon, new plushies for Vivikas's Shop on the makings and I need to make plans for the next Plush Bomb.

Thanks for all the comments and support, I always try to make time to read your suggestions and opinions.