Friday, February 20, 2015

What's Up New Year

Hey Blog. It's been a while!

There has been quite a lot of change from last year to this year.  Lately I have been hiding away in my apartment, drawing, updating and creating a whole new bunch of plushies.  I must say Montreal's winter is no Joke, and the (really) cold snowy winter has a lot to do with my new creative burst recently.  New designs have been added every week. I want to share some of them here.

There are two themes I am really excited about it.  The long grey winter days had me dreaming of summer and colors.  The result of that are The Carnies Plushies Collection.  They are characters that work at the Carnival, they have different personalities but they are all a little funky and colorful.

So, here you go. For now you can meet Edmond and Lysa!

If you get to know me, you will soon find out one thing: I am silly. Two Christmas ago I got for Kevin and I these funny adult onesies. They are so comfy and ridiculous, you have to have fun when wearing them.

When started getting cold here in Montreal, I started seeing college kids wearing those onesies everywhere. Since my creations are part of who I am, The Onesie babies Collection was born.

They are all available at Vivikas Shop. More exciting news coming soon!

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