Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So Many Bikes

When I was a kid in Brazil I used to enjoy riding my pink bike.  It was fun and that's all I remember -how fun it was.
I hadn't thought much about bikes during my adult life since I lived in a big city where subways take me anywhere I want or need to go, and I really enjoy walking.  I was good with that. Then a little more than two years ago I met my husband Kevin, who is c.r.a.z.y about bicycles.  He put together one for me and that was super sweet.  We were able to ride together a couple of times last summer, but I must say that I got a bit nervous on the busy streets of Manhattan.  Cars are super close to you and sometimes drivers act like you are a bother to them.  There is also the invisible effect... yes you become invisible to pedestrians.  They don't see you.  I am not kidding.  They will suddenly cross the street right in front of you or stand in the bike lanes (because, you know, if bikers are invisible than so are bike lanes) so if I could get over my fear of being hit by a car I'd still have to watch out I don't hit a pedestrian.  It was fun at times but mostly I just felt nervous.
This summer I'm thinking about toughing it up and getting used to it.  Since last summer I haven't been riding my bike at all.  Kevin is the one using it to go to work or run errands.  We are thinking about getting new bikes and that could be fun.  There are so many options.  I really want a girlie bike - something I can ride around calmly and comfortably.  So far I really like Public C7 in white.  It's cute and not too expensive, plus I can add a basket to it!

I am still deciding.  We have been visiting some bike shops, I really like Adeline Adeline, they will soon start selling Bobbin Bicycles.  The Birdie below is pretty and it has a chainguard so I don't have to worry about something getting caught in there. Oh... and the mint color is awesome!

I still want to go for a test drive on both bikes, maybe next week, I am excited about that.

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